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About Us

Infinite Beginnings, LLC was founded in 2010 when the need within the community for comprehensive progressive health services that focused on the client, while maintaining a high degree of integrity and compliance, was identified. Infinite Beginnings, LLC has been CARF accredited since inception and remains compliant with all federal and local licensures, rules and regulations. Infinite Beginnings is very active within the local communities by participating on local boards, collaborating with faith partners, and volunteerism. Infinite Beginnings is proud to be Minority Female owned and operated.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday By Appointment
24/7 Crisis: 704-777-6017

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Our Stakeholders

At Infinite Beginnings, LLC each day means starting anew and being given the opportunity to live the life you have chosen while receiving the right level of support in achieving your life goals at the right time. As we embark on this season of growth and evolution into a premier service provider, we are tasked with maintaining, while exceeding, our commitment to those touched by the services that we provide including clients, employees, community partners, and our society. We commit to doing so through the following:

Whole Person Integration – An ongoing emphasis being placed on the whole person, not just their mental health and/or intellectual disability.  We address the physical health needs, basic supports, spiritual wellness, and quality of life of our stakeholders. We do so by providing specialized care coordination to every client within the Infinite Beginnings family at no insurance reimbursement.      

Philanthropically – Each year, we invest within our local community by supporting and sponsoring local pantry efforts, facilitating neighborhood clean ups, community health fairs, and providing pro bono services to those requiring services with no medical insurance or income.      

Culturally – We continue to invest in our workforce through employee development, education and engagement, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and health and wellness programs. 

I am proud of the impact that Infinite Beginnings, LLC has had on the lives of others and within our community thus far. I look forward to furthering our mission and supporting others to achieving their life goals.    


D. Vickie Smith, MS

Chief Empowerment Officer 

Infinite Beginnings Substance Use Disorder services provides, virtual and in-office treatment services, under the supervision of a clinician for:

  • members18 years of age and older,
  • members with a drug use disorder,
  • relapsed individuals hoping to reengage their recovery process
  • families of people with addiction

Infinite Beginnings Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services help members build the confidence and momentum towards the future he or she wants; become more mindful to triggers, settings, people and or/events that may pose a threat to the members sobriety;  practice  and improve their coping skills while in an environment that will encourage the members’ relapse.


Infinite Beginnings Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Therapy (SAIOP) strives to assist members remove negative symptoms with alcohol and/or drug use; educate and develop tools to recover from addiction and the impact that it has caused on their lives as well as their family’s lives.  Infinite Beginnings provides premiere service and care. Infinite Beginnings SUD programs are designed to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental, healing environment. Which are essential for positive change and growth to occur. Infinite Beginnings curriculum focuses on relapse prevention, crisis management, parenting skills, and family reunification.

Infinite Beginning SUD services provides individual, group, and family therapy to help each member address their substance abuse concerns in a safe space.

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